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Calgary Car Insurance – How Much Insurance Is Enough? November 22, 2013

Sharp Calgary car insurance

A common question that comes up when speaking with an auto insurance agent is, “How much coverage do I really need”? Auto insurance is mandatory in all provinces of Canada, and for good reason. The costs associated with accident damage and injury related fees would be astronomical if not for insurance. Just because it is mandatory does not mean the process of getting insured is simplistic. You may find it confusing not only to find a good insurance company, but also to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Thankfully, there are ways to get the insurance you require and save money at the same time.

You should first make it a priority to find out how much coverage you currently have and how much coverage you actually need. Hundreds of people don’t have enough insurance on their cars based on their reckless driving record, but just as many are paying too much for every possible setback they may never encounter on the road. While you do need liability insurance to cover all the medical payments, physical damage and potential third party injuries, you don’t want to have a premium insurance package when you have a budget allotted for a basic one. Car insurance should always be within your financial means, and obtaining a quote online or discussing it through a free consultation is fast and easy.

To save you some extra cash, there are multiple areas to potentially cut some fat from your policy. Speaking with a Sharp Insurance agent will shine light on all the little nooks some extra money could be hiding in. Here are a few of those money savers your agent may bring up:

  • If you have a clean driving record, it may be time to look and see if a discount could be available. No tickets, offences or crashes is a good sign and may highlight some areas savings could be found.
  • Check and see what your deductable is at. Increasing your deductable may help slash your premium.
  • Look into telematics, which is a GPS installed in your vehicle to see how you are driving. If you don’t know about this, there is another reason to book an appointment.
  • Look into bundling your insurance. By having an insurance bundle, Sharp Insurance is able to save you hundreds on what normally would have been three or more forms of expensive insurance in a simple, easy-to-follow process.
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Planning A Basement Development In Calgary? November 10, 2013

Calgary Basement Development

Basement Renovations Calgary

If you are considering developing your basement there are several Calgary basement development companies to choose from. One of the best known names is PLANiT Builders. You can ho here to check them out: Unlike other construction companies who try to be – quite literally – a “jack of all trades”, PLANiT Builders only undertake two types of development – garage construction and basements. Just working on these two specialties they complete over 1,000 jobs every year in Calgary and Edmonton.

PLANiT Builders is owned and operated by Mike Huber and Sonny Belanger who both have many years of experience in the design and construction of basements. Specializing in both Calgary and Edmonton basement developments (click here for more info).  Whether you just want a basic room for the kids to play in, or perhaps a luxury bar to entertain your friends PLANiT Builders will take your ideas and provide the ideal solution to make the most of your space. They will finance, design, develop and build your new basement with the utmost care and professionalism to ensure your total satisfaction with the end result.

There are many details in the construction of a basement that need to be taken into consideration in order to finish up with a quality product. PLANiT Builders has a designer with over twelve years of experience and will produce detailed plans and specifications for your project taking care of all the necessary approvals with their contacts in the City planning department. Around 95% of their clients prefer to use some form of financing and the company has contacts with several finance organizations to facilitate this.

Calgary Basement Developer
The construction team that will work on your project has up to 35 years of development and direct construction experience so you know that your basement development is in good hands. PLANiT Builders will listen to all your ideas and actively communicate with you throughout via phone, email and site visits. You are also given secure access to their online scheduling system so that you know at any moment exactly what is going on. When planning a basement in Calgary it is a great idea to PLANiT.


View our video showing a Calgary basement development testimonial

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